My new love - Pottery!

My new Love - Pottery!

First of all.. I dont believe I did this again!!! Started something and left it half-way..or rather it was not even started properly.. :-(
but never mind.. I can sort my mistakes.. I guess!! (Well..yeah.. I'm talking about starting this blog.. and not writing anything for so many days!!)..
The reason (excuse!!) not to write any post is because .....(a a pause and drum roll!!!!).. I'm expecting!!
I'm in the fifth month now.. and a trip to Africa.. some very nauseating experiences when back home.. regular visits to gynac.. juggling with home and office (did I miss anything!!).. did not leave blogging anywhere on the list of things to do!

but now the things have settled down a bit..and I've even managed to do a few crafty things after a long time!

The latest crafty thing that I've recently taken to is pottery!!
I've joined a pottery class and learning some basic concepts about ceramic clay like kneading, slapping techniques, coiling, pinching etc.
I've created these two pieces in my last two sessions and they are still unbaked.
We'll be applying glaze, colouring it etc in the subsequent sessions but till then I just couldn't wait to share even these unfinished work's photos.

The first one is a handmade vase done using pinching and coiling methods.
The second one is a kind of a jewelry box done by rolling the clay and cutting it into geometric pieces that are stuck together using the clay paste.

I feel so good to have made these.. and hoping to create a lot more!!
I'll try and post more regularly from now on with all the new creations, updates on these pieces and so on.. till then keep getting inspired!!!