Prachodayam debut!

Welcome to Prachodayam's debut blog!

I love love love colours!!!
The rainbow.. colour of grass.. colour of sandy beach.. golden orange colour of setting sun.. bright umbrellas.. amazingly fresh blue sky...umm..
hold on.. Is this blog about the colours? yeah.. but not about any colour.. its the colour that I'm in love with these days..!
Its the king of colours.. Purple!!!!
But not just any purple.. a specific shade of purple.. which has a tinge of bluish..pinkish.. indigo to it!! (now that's complicated!!) I'm yet to find a proper term for this shade.. but I can spot this colour on any object from miles!!
When my hubby made our bedroom.. he made it pink at my request!! (He picks on me for that till date!!!)
As it happens.. the age of pink got over.. and eventually I got so bored and a bit irritated with the colour!! It was still not in the list of things to do to repaint or re-do the room.. so I decided to take the matter in my able(!) hands.. and took a bold decision to paint the most blank wall of the room with a pattern in my favourite colour.
It was a huge task.. and since I was the one to blame for the original wall colour.. I was no way going to get any help for the new layer of another mistake!!
but.. fortunately.. the design came out well in the first go..and has spared me the horror of looking at the pale pink blank wall at least for some time to come!!

Here is how the patterned design wall looks like -
{ Sorry about pic quality, I'm yet to figure out how to use my DSLR with lesser light }

.. And here is a closer look -

I used the "Asian Paints" water-based eco-friendly colour for this.
To give it a bit of a flourished look, I used some semi-transparent wall colour friendly floral stickers.

I'm so so happy to have finished this project and so happy with the floral stickers.. they went well with the pattern colour!! (In spite of them being pink!!)

More such projects coming up soon!!! :-)
Till then keep the inspiration comin!