lantern baby mobile!'

Everything just so damn cute and innocent and precious in a baby's world!! They just touch your heart in a way that you can't help but feel thankful to God for his wonderful gift!!

I'm on a spree to create
baby stuff!!  I went one step ahead this time and created a lantern mobile. This idea is a borrowed one from

Just love her blog..

The instructions are straight forward..

Take 12 copies of the house template on the reverse side of the printed sheets of your choice. Cut out the edges. Fold on the dotted lines. Stick the open ends together. That's all!!! Hang all the houses on an embroidery hoop.

 I did struggle a bit finding the right paper but in the end decided to go with various shades and patterns of sky blue..

It looks fab just as it is....

...or you could add some lighting.. which makes it even more beautiful..

I used string light rather than battery operated candles.. But everyone at my house loved it all the same..

Especially Aarya is really fond for this one has become his favorite...

More baby stuff is coming  soon!!.

Baby mobile!!

ITS BEEN A YEAR!!! one whole year... !!
I know it because my baby Aarya turned one on March 27 and all of us with the babies can vouch for the fact that the time just flies with them...!!

I was on a kind of sabbatical from the world of crafts and other hobbies for past one year... what with changing diapers, long sleep-deprived nights, keeping tabs of vaccination timings, preparing baby food for weekdays.. and ofcourse juggling between home and office...  I was just not crafting!! It was nowhere on the list of things to do!!..

but now its been a while.. and the I'm back!!! This time with a whole new set of crafts and handmade stuff for babies!! I'm planning to do a round of all the baby food recipes that I used for Aarya... I think they might come in handy for couple of friends of mine!! but thats for some time later..

Today is a time for baby mobile!!
Some time ago, during my pottery stint, I had made a few ceramic charms.. like birds, flowers, leaves etc... These were perfect for a small mobile that I could hang in Aarya's room..

With a set of those charms.. and a couple of key-rings that my BFF Janhavi had gifted to me.. I created an adorable mobile..
It even contains a couple of key-rings that I had bought from Swaziland...

All the charms are hung on two embroidery hoops that are embellished with ribbons... and I've used multi-coloured string rather than fishing line to give it more kiddo look!!

It sways and swings and twirls and the ceramic charms even make some tinkling sound....
Aarya just loved it.. and so did I.. his reactions and the way he adoringly looks up at it.. makes me think of so many things I can make for him!! This is something new for inspiration....

I'm planning to put together yet another mobile that I saw on pinterest..  so thats something coming soon!!

Till that time... prachodayam!!