lantern baby mobile!'

Everything just so damn cute and innocent and precious in a baby's world!! They just touch your heart in a way that you can't help but feel thankful to God for his wonderful gift!!

I'm on a spree to create
baby stuff!!  I went one step ahead this time and created a lantern mobile. This idea is a borrowed one from

Just love her blog..

The instructions are straight forward..

Take 12 copies of the house template on the reverse side of the printed sheets of your choice. Cut out the edges. Fold on the dotted lines. Stick the open ends together. That's all!!! Hang all the houses on an embroidery hoop.

 I did struggle a bit finding the right paper but in the end decided to go with various shades and patterns of sky blue..

It looks fab just as it is....

...or you could add some lighting.. which makes it even more beautiful..

I used string light rather than battery operated candles.. But everyone at my house loved it all the same..

Especially Aarya is really fond for this one has become his favorite...

More baby stuff is coming  soon!!.