Baby food series - Part 1 - Wholesome veg soup

When my baby boy Aarya was about 6 and a half month old, I started feeding him stuff other than milk.
He has always been a foody since then and I have to constantly keep thinking of ways to bring in good nutrition as well as different taste and texture in his diet.

I do rely on packaged baby food at the times when we travel and it is not possible to prepare fresh food...
but there is no comparison when it comes to freshly prepared food with seasonal vegetables/fruits and all the goodness of home hygiene and most importantly your love for your baby.

Babies do have tastes and choices of their own and you have to go on a trial basis to check his/her likes/dislikes.

Also when you are giving any food to your baby for the first time, do make sure to feed very little quantity - a spoon or two - in the first go. If your baby likes and digests this well.. increase the quantity next time.

Like every other mom out there, I've developed some simple recipes of my own. Aarya loves almost all of these and I hope your babies will too.

This one is dedicated to all my friends who are proud parents of their lil ones..
I hope this comes in handy for you someday..

First recipe in this series is -

Wholesome veg soup

bottle gourd (dudhi) - 4/5 diced cubes
red pumpkin - 4/5 diced cubes
carrot - 4/5 diced cubes
Potato - 4/5 diced cubes
Spinach leaves - 3/4

Desi ghee - 1 t spoon
Jira - 1 or 2 pinches
Hing - 1 pinch
Turmeric powder - 1 pinch
a bit of ginger
finely cut coriander

  1. Cook all the vegetables other than spinach in a pressure cooker till they become very soft.
  2. Wash spinach leaves thoroughly and put them in some boiling water. Let the water boil for about 3/4 minutes till you can see the leaves cooked.
  3. Do not cover the pan as it changes the leaves colour.
  4. Run all the vegetables through blender and form a very soft puree.
  5. Heat some desi ghee in a pan. Add jeera powder, hing and turmeric.
  6. Stir in the vegetable puree. Mix it well and add some water.
  7. Let the soup boil for a minute.With a fine grater, grate some ginger (only 2/3 swings should be good enough).
  8. Add salt.
  9. Add very finely cut coriander and mix it.

This is a good recipe to give your baby a boost of vitamins. Hing aids in digestion and turmeric is a good antiseptic, but both should be added only a pinch or two! You can also put some very fine pepper powder (just a pinch else it'll make it very hot) to give it a new flavor.
once your baby adapts to external foods, try this recipe with different veggies everytime.

Hope your little one eats this as happily as mine does!!